quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

Agora você pode ter os apps e visual do galaxy s6 e do note 4 no seu s3 com essa rom, basta seguir o tutorial abaixo.
{{{{ change log }}}}

--Mr.MoDy N4 V13 AMAZING--}
based on boafella 7.6
fix GPS
fix icon close music
add live wall
add Email app aroma
add multi lang messages
add S5 key layout aroma
add Stock note 4 wallpaper
new notification UI lollipop S5
new video OFFICAL lollipop S5
new clock OFFICAL lollipop S5
new music OFFICAL lollipop S5
new framework OFFICAL lollipop S5
new contacts OFFICAL lollipop S5
new download manager lollipop
new Ram manager lollipop
new contacts google lollipop Style
new notification UI S6
new file manager Style S6
new voice Record Style S6
new calculator OFFICAL Syle S6
new message OFFICAL Style S6
new weather Style S6
new lockscreen OFFICAL Style S6
new contacts style S6
new keypoard OFFICAL Style S6
new Browser OFFICAL Style S6
new icon for Mr.TooLs
update data status bar
update Samasung Sync
change size effect lockscreen
change number android to android lollipop
Remove Ram manager S5
Remove M.D.4 wallpaper

Mr.MoDy N4 V12
fix all bug in V11
fix change language
new Sound S6
new SystemUI S6 port
add new notification lollipop
new music player quickpanel
add new icon style
based on bofella 7.5
new battery mod
add icon Stcok battery
new interface lollipop
update framework lollipop (thanks sunjkarma)
new clock lollipop S5
new lockScreen Style S6
reduce Settings for free use 40M only
set default Wallpaper S6
add wallpaper S6 and S6 edge
free more ram
new more

--Mr.MoDy N4 V11--
based on kernal Enki-0.8 RC1 best
fix video
fix sound bluetooth
fix progress when copy
fix progress framework
add kids youtube
add new wall lollipop
add contacs S6 Style
add contacts S5 lollipop style
add theme S6
add theme miui 6
add Mr.TooLs new Features
add new TooLs to Mr.Tools
add Polish language for SMS
add kill Ram and flash in Settings
new lockScreen effect
new Settings Style S6
new weather style S6
new message style S5 lollipop
new music player Style M.D.4
new weather lockscreen S6
new camera lollipop style
new incall style
remove 3mint status
remove art rage N5
remove google maps
remove wall Note4 Stock
remove hack Sound
Super user UP
free more ram

1-Faça backup nandroid de sua rom
2-full wipe System+data+cach+dalvic
3-Flasheie M.D.4

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